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The 9th International Forum on the application
The implementation of a series of furniture industrial policies has been positively responded by the majority of waterproof enterprises. It has played a powerful role in adjusting the industrial structure, implementing macro-control, promoting new waterproof materials, cracking down on fake and shoddy products, standardizing the waterproof market, and promoting the healthy development of the industry.

(1) The level of technology and equipment in the industry has been generally improved. The production lines of modified asphalt waterproofing membrane with an annual capacity of 5 million square meters are increasing. The EPDM waterproof membrane extended vulcanization tank with better performance has been put into operation.
(2) The popularization and application of products increased significantly, the production technology improved significantly, and the product structure improved significantly. The medium and high-grade waterproof materials, such as high-grade waterproof materials and SBS waterproofing materials, have been continuously increased.
(3) Breakthroughs have been made in implementing the policy of restricting the use of products and technologies. The production and application of polyethylene polypropylene fiber waterproof membrane were standardized, and the environmental protection waterproof material was developed and popularized in good time.
(4) The policy of banning the use of products and technologies has been implemented in different scopes and degrees. The regulations of eliminating the production line of petroleum asphalt paper-based asphalt felt with an annual output of 1 million rolls, coal tar oil-based waterproof coating and sealing materials have been well implemented, and the secondary molding polyethylene polypropylene fiber coil has basically withdrawn from the market.
(5) Many achievements have been made in the research, development and introduction of new products and technologies. The development of polymer waterproofing membrane adhesive and adhesive tape, the development of production and application technology of glass fiber asphalt tile and self-adhesive waterproof membrane, and the research and development results of metal coil and metal tire coil provide more choices for waterproof engineering



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