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Coronavirus outbreak affects local economic health

(WKRC)-the impact of coronavirus goes far beyond human health-it also severely affects the economic health of local companies.

Manufacturers in all three countries rely on import and export of goods with China. Many of these situations occurred in the abdomen of passenger planes, and their flights have now been cancelled. Now, even the cargo on DHL flights from CVG to China every day is affected, because the virus prolongs the Chinese New Year holiday, and once the cargo arrives, no one will deliver the goods nearby.

Kevin Kahn is a Chinese exporter who sells Richards Industries valves in Oakland. He said coronavirus will definitely affect commercial circulation.


"Our goods were, the office in China is still closed," Kahn said. "We can't collect money from customers. We can't transfer money from Bank of China to our suppliers, they have already invested in [Richards' goods, and these goods are waiting to be shipped."

Kahn showed us the product trays that will usually be in China at this time next week. However, he said they might sit in the warehouse for a few weeks and wait for the flight.

Leo Chan of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the Midwest said: "The travel ban may be overdone."

He and Li Huang sat with us and explained to us the virus and how the US response to it had a negative impact on local manufacturers. They sell American products in China, and they say that the US response to the coronavirus is a bit overdone. Canceling flights to China for months and restricting newcomers will have a huge financial chain reaction.

"When you stop, work stops and production stops, and local companies have to pay for it," Wang said.

Although he and Chen saw the benefits of stopping the spread of the virus, they said that they believed that overreaction was largely xenophobia-fear and prejudice against the Chinese people. Chen Hehuang pointed out that the coronavirus originated in China and has infected about 17,500 people and killed about 360 people. The 2009 H1N1 virus originated in North America, infected 1.6 million people, killed nearly 300,000 people, and had little or no travel restrictions.

"You have 150 people here. Many of their businesses are exports. This is a lot of work," Kahn explained when we walked through the Richards manufacturing plant. This is something that local manufacturers want people to consider when considering coronaviruses and the country's response to this.

By the way, Ohio is the sister state of Hubei Province, and Hubei Province is Wuhan-the center of the coronavirus outbreak. The relationship between these sister countries is partly to promote trade.




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