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Y-type globe valve

Features Forged steel globe valves are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.34, these valves are available in sizes NPS 1/8" to 4", and pressure rating from Class 1500 to Class 4500. A wide range of body materials are available including A105, F11,F22, F91,F92,F316,F316H etc. End Connections are available with Socket Weld, Butt Weld, Screw and Flange. Special service applications such as NACE Mr0175 can also be provided.

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Design Features

The body is always forged carbon, alloy or stainless steel.

All pressure-containing parts are enclosed in a one-piece body.

No body-bonnet gasket or pressure seal is needed.

The body seat is integral with a facing of stellite 6.

ALL machining from raw forging to final finish of the seat is completed on a single machine, ensuring concentricity of all parts.

Non-rotating stem prevents torsional damage of packing and ensures low torque. Stem threads are protected from dirt, dust,sand.

The valve disc is always faced with stellite hardfacing. The disc is attached to the valve stem and is free to rotate independently of the stem, so that during closing or opening, the disc does not rotate against the seat. The disc is fully body guided at bottom and top throughout its travel.

Self aligning two-piece gland is designed to provide correct compression of the gland packing and easy removal during maintenance.

The stem nut is made from aluminum bronze. The low coefficient of friction of this material ensures low operating torques and minimal wear of the stem threads. Fully enclosed and greased stem nut is protected from dirt, dust, sand.



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